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Haloti Ngata

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Haloti Ngata has had to be a rock for many people thus far in his young life.

Ngata has had to be a rock for his former defensive lineman and teammates at Oregon. He’s had to be a rock for his mother when his father, Solomone, was killed in 2002. And just last year, Ngata had to be a rock for his family when his mother, Olga, passed away after battling diabetes and kidney disease.

The 6’4”, 339lbs mammoth has had to overcome so much just to be considered one of the elite defensive tackle prospects in 2006’s NFL Draft. Blessed with terrific strength and power, Ngata was chosen 12th overall by the Baltimore Ravens. He played in all 16 games as a rookie, contributing 13 tackles, one sack and even an interception. More importantly for the Ravens than stats, however, was how he served as a big-body in front of standout middle linebacker Ray Lewis.

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Latest on Ngata

Ngata had another productive season for the Ravens, compiling 63 tackles and one forced fumble. He has flourished under defenisve coordinator Rex Ryan and appears to only be getting better.

News and Commentary

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Haloti Says

On what he needs to work on to become a better NFL player:
"I think I need to work on a lot of my technique and being more consistent. Playing hard all the time, and not just when I want to."

On what helped him rehab an injury in 2003 while at Oregon:
“I was thinking about my mom a lot, and whether she was taking care of herself. I couldn’t handle losing both parents. It would be a different world.”

On how much he was double-teammed in college:
“If I’m not triple-teamed? Oh, about half the time.”