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Glenn Dorsey

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Patience has certainly awarded LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey.

When Dorsey was only a toddler, he had to wear large metal leg braces to correct a walking condition. The condition was so bad that he couldn’t walk straight, run or even keep his balance. Despite his condition, Glenn’s mother Sandra told him to be patient and that he’d eventually be able to play with the other kids.

According to his mother, Dorsey never cried, whined or complained about his condition. And once the leg braces corrected his balance, he was not only able to play with the other children – he began to dominate them at sports, too.

Dorsey grew so big as a small child that parents in recreational sporting leagues made him weigh himself before every contest. Worried that he wasn’t going to get to play, Dorsey cut out sweets and just ate salads – at only 8-years old.

The thing that once betrayed him at an early age eventually transformed into a gift, however. Because of his size and freakish athletic ability, he got a full scholarship to play football at Louisiana State University and made an immediate impact. During his freshman year, he played in all 12 games and even made three starts.

Dorsey broke out during his junior year, recording 64 tackles, including 8.5 for loss. He was also named a first-team All-American by several publications and many deemed him as a guaranteed first round pick if he decided to enter the NFL draft.

Once again, however, Dorsey remained patient.

Figuring that he could possibly be a top 10 pick if he stayed in school another year and honed his craft, he decided not to enter the NFL draft. Despite making a wise decision to finish school, he was criticized for what many considered a huge finical risk. However, after wrapping up a senior season in which he won the Lombardi Award (given to the nation’s top lineman or linebacker) and the Outland Trophy (given to the nation’s top interior lineman), nobody is criticizing Dorsey’s decision now.

Thanks once again to his patience, he turned in a fantastic senior season and played a huge role in his LSU Tigers winning a national championship. Now he’s considered a sure-fire top five selection and some even believe he’ll wind up being the first overall player taken in the draft.

Blessed with incredible athleticism and size, the 6-2, 299 pound defensive tackle is sure to make an immediate impact on some NFL team’s defensive line. Highly regarded as the best overall prospect in the draft, Dorsey is one of the few players thought of as a “sure-thing”. He’s also considered as a high-character guy, which will help his draft stock soar even higher.

Dorsey was selected fifth overall by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2008 NFL Draft.

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Many thought Dorsey would be selected in the first couple picks in the 2008 NFL Draft, but after the Rams took Virginia defensive end Chris Long at No. 2 and the Falcons took Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan, the defensive tackle from LSU dropped all the way to the Kansas City Chiefs at pick No. 5.

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Glenn Says

On having to wear leg braces as a child and how he could barely walk:

"I look back and I kind of laugh at it. It's very ironic. I like to think I'm doing more with less. I always like to take the underdog approach to everything. I think about it all the time, and I try to use that as motivation."

On winning the Lombardi Award:

"It's a huge honor to be named the best lineman in the country. There are a lot of guys out there that work as hard as I do and are just as deserving of this award. I am humbled to think I would be chosen, especially considering the quality of players who surround me."

On his former defensive coordinator at LSU, Bo Pelini:

"Coming up here, I didn't know he was going to be here, so this is kind of my last opportunity to be with him, so to me it's real special. He's kind of a father figure to me; I can call and talk to him anytime."