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There was a time when Brodrick Bunkley’s biggest concern was whether or not he would finish college. Now, the biggest concern for Bunkley is making an impact on the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive line. 

The former Florida State Seminole was once told that he would never graduate and would certainly never play for FSU again after struggling academically. Good thing for Bunkley is that he doesn’t listen too well.

Bunkley cleaned up his act, improved his grades and not only started every game his senior season, but also dominated at times. He was the Eagles’ first round draft choice in 2006 and although he didn’t perform that well statistically, Philly still believes it has a solid prospect.

Some felt Bunkley had proven to be a bust after not making an impact for the Eagles in his first season. However, he rebounded to have a decent second season and now has high hopes for year three.

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Latest on Bunkley

Bunkley didn't wow anybody in 2007, but at least he made more of an impact this year than his rookie campaign. He finished with 32 tackles and three sacks.

News and Commentary

Improving Bunkley still looks to get better
After a dissapointing rookie campaign, Bunkley rebounded to have a decent second season. Looking ahead, teammates see good things for Bunkley heading into his third season.

Is Brodrick Bunkley a bust?
Nearing the conclusion of the ’06 season, AOLSports’ columnist Enrico Campitelli Jr. debates whether Eagles’ first round pick Brodrick Bunkley is a bust or not.

Brodrick Says

On his rookie season:
"It was a learning experience. I did some boneheaded things."

On putting his rookie season behind him:
"I kept my head up, I had a lot of talks with family and things in the offseason. I had a good talk with coach [Andy] Reid before I left. You know, it's a new season. It's time to get things rolling. I'm coming in with a positive attitude . . . I'm just putting more effort forth. I can recall times when I would joke around too much, and things like that, but I'm coming in with a positive attitude, man, and I'm going to do everything possible to better myself on the field, better myself with the staff here."