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At 6’4” and 240lbs, Andrei Arlovski is a beast. Armed with mixed martial arts skills and a Heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) under his belt, Arlovski is a human wrecking ball waiting to unleash havoc.

Nicknamed “The Pitbull,” Arlovski began lifting weights when he was 14 years old because, if you can believe this, bullies actually used to pick on him. Arlovski figured that if he got enough muscle, the bullies would move on to another prey.

Good call on that.

At 18, Arlovski’s love for fitness and soccer led him to start training for combat sports. He studied martial arts and kickboxing, but he started to excel in a USSR martial art called Sambo.

In 1999, The Pitbull won the European Youth Sambo Championship and the World Youth Championship. He also took a silver medal at the Sambo World Cup and another silver medal at the World Sambo Championship.

His Ultimate Fighting Championship debut came in April of 2000 against Aaron Brink at UFC 28: High Stakes. Arlovski pummeled Brink 55 seconds into the first round and won by submission with an armbar.

After two straight losses set him back in 2001 and 2002, Arlovski went on a six-fight win steak that stretched over three years. After reigning UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was injured in a motorcyle accident, Arlovski would be crowed interm UFC heavyweight champion in 2005 with a win over Tim Sylvia.

In August of 2005, the UFC decided to strike the interm title off Arlovski’s championship and offically crowned him the Heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion.

A rematch with Sylvia did occur in April of 2006 at UFC 59, but this time Sylvia would get his payback on Arlovski. After Arlovski tried to finish off Sylvia with a righthanded lead, Sylvia counter punched Arlovski and sent the Pitbull to the ground.

Stunned from the punch, Arlvoski became a punching bag for Slyvia and the ref eventually seized the fight.

At only 27 years of age, Arlovoski is in the prime of his fighting career. Although he is from Belarus, he trains in Chicago and has mentioned making Chicago his permanent home.

Currently, Arlovoski is 9-4 with six wins by knockout and three by submission.

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