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Pacman Jones, CB, Tennessee Titans

Pacman Jones, CB, Tennessee Titans

Adam “Pacman” Jones

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Adam “Pacman” Jones is one of the most talented and troubled athletes in all of professional sports.

After being selected sixth overall in the 2005 NFL draft, Jones immediately staked his claim for being a nuisance to society and has yet to let up. He has been arrested a total of 10 times since being drafted, a number higher than his career interception total.

Assault, felony vandalism, violation of probation, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, obstruction of justice and a misdemeanor charge for spitting in a woman’s face are all on Pacman’s off the field “résumé.”

He’s also currently involved in an ongoing investigation for an incident that happened at a strip club in Vegas. Three people were shot and one man was paralyzed after a bullet severed his spine. A co-owner of the club claims that someone in Pacman’s entourage that night was the shooter, and that Jones himself slammed a striper’s head into a stage and bit a bouncer’s ankle.

Even when Jones is not causing problems, trouble finds him. Early this year, Jones was with friends and family members at a bowling alley when a man threatened to kill him with a knife. Neither Jones nor the people in his party were harmed and the man was eventually arrested, although the incident proves that wherever Pacman goes, trouble is sure to follow.

On the field, Jones has shown flashes of why the Tennessee Titans made him such a high first round pick. In ’07, he led the NFL in punt returns for touchdowns with three, tying a franchise record set by Billy “White Shoes” Johnson. That season he also had career-high 62 tackles, four interceptions (one returned for a TD), one sack, one forced fumble and 12 deflected passes.

If he could ever keep clean off the field, Jones has the natural talent to become one of the game’s most exciting playmakers. Given his consistency with getting into trouble, however, he will probably never reach his full football potential.

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Latest on Pacman

After NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him for the entire 2007 season in April, Jones took out a full-page ad in the Tennessean apologizing to Titans fans. Apparently the apology wasn’t too heartfelt, because he again found trouble with the law in early July, this time being cited driving his orange Lamborghini without correct plates or registration. In August, he signed a contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, but the Titans barred him from any actual wrestling. Well, at least he’s staying busy. Check out below for more national coverage of Pacman.  

News and Commentary

Accountability counts…even for pro athletes's Anthony Stalter discusses why Pacman Jones and other NFL players need to start taking accountbility for their own actions.

Pacman’s ad promises he’ll win back trust
After being suspended for an entire season by NFL Commishinor Roger Goodell, Pacman Jones took out a full page ad in the Tennessean promising Titans fans that he will repair his image.  

Pacman, Henry suspended by NFL
In one of his first acts of disciplining a player, new NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspends Pacman Jones for the entire 2007 season after multiple off field incidents and arrests.  

“Pacman seen punching stripper, biting bouncer’s ankle”
In this blog at, security footage may soon confirm that Pacman Jones punched a stripper and bit the ankle of a bouncer the same night three people were shot at a Vegas strip club.

Las Vegas strip club owner: ‘Pacman’ Jones knew suspected shooter
During the NBA All-Star weekend in Las Vegas, Jones was allegedly involved in an incident where three people were shot at a strip club. Jones claims he wasn’t involved, but one of the owners of the club says differently..

Pacman’s $81,000 seized after strip club shooting
Pacman’s $81,000, that he apparently used to try and “make it rain” at a Vegas strip club, was seized by authorities following the shooting.

Man arrested for threatening Pacman Jones with knife
Even when Jones doesn’t cause the trouble, problems still find him. Ironically at a bowling alley.

"Pacman Jones"
Check out a humorous clip from of what could have happened the night Pacman Jones was involved in the Las Vegas gentlemen's club incident.


Pacman Says

On his arrests:
"I haven't been arrested six times. I've only been arrested twice. I've been accused and people have put warrants out on me numerous other times, but as of today I'm on no probation, I haven't been charged with anything, so I'm just keeping my head up and make sure I'm doing everything to make sure I'm all right with myself."

On an incident involving a Las Vegas shooting:
“I know the truth is gonna come out at the end of the day. I’m innocent.”

"And I'll tell you, 'I told you so,' I never touched anybody in that, I never hit no girl. I never told any one of them that I was going to kill them."

On attending a strip club before his disciplinary hearing with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

"If I could do anything different, I wouldn't have went and gotten nothing to eat then," Jones explained recently. "There wasn't even no girls in there."