If you have a green thumb, this is the website for you

If you have a green thumb, this is the website for you

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Ever since setting up my own garden, I have been growing my own flowers, vegetables and herbs for my friends and family and, even for sale at my local market. I find the work itself rewarding, and whenever the weather is nice, and when I have time to myself, I like to just sit out and read. It's my sanctuary.

Green ThumbI, especially, love to grow flowers in my garden. When you buy flowers at the florist, you never know what chemicals they've used to grow them, or how long they have travelled before reaching the store. I grow my own organically, minimizing my carbon footprint whilst keeping my garden beautiful; I've even started to feed some of the lovely birds that have begun coming to visit.

If you're like me and have got the green thumb, I recommend using the internet to improve your garden. There are thousands of sites that can supply you with cheap flower seeds, bulbs, plants and fertilizers (if you wish to use them), along with all the equipment and know-how you need to get your garden started as soon as possible. I've also met lots of other gardeners who I can talk to about different plants, flowers and vegetables; when and how to grow, or just to talk about gardens and landscape design.

I can highly recommend growing your own vegetables too. You don't know where your food is coming from these days, and the flavour of the real thing can't be beaten. Even if you don't have a garden, or if don't have time for the upkeep, I'd recommend getting a few pot plants. They're pretty, homely, and help aerate your house and also they work perfectly for growing herbs.

I'll stop writing now. You might think I'm crazy to be so excited over gardening, but I'm just crazy about gardening.

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