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We knew we were in for a fun weekend when we arrived in Las Vegas to cover the PlayerXT Search for the Most Beautiful Latina at the Palms, but it really hit home when we were shooting some of the eventual winners in one of the Sky Villa suites overlooking the city. Each of the Sky Villas features a pool that stretches out of the suite just like a balcony, offering an experience that would impress even the most pampered VIP guests. Add in a beautiful Latina model and you have quite a sight!


The girls outside the Palms

The weekend kicked off with a press conference where the models were able to show off their native costumes. The event featured models from all over Latin America, and the authentic costumes helped to make this much more than your typical model search. Some of the costumes featured elegant dresses, while others included elaborate head-dresses and other accessories inspired by the Native American populations from the model's country. Our photographer got some great shots of the models as they paraded outside the Palms after the press conference.

The press conference was held in the Hardwood Suite, with all the press and contestants huddled on the basketball court. You have to see this suite to believe it. Imagine having a basketball court back in your room so you play hoops with your friends after you wake up with a hangover!

The event was sponsored by El Pinto Salsa, so we were treated to some delicious snacks throughout the weekend. The Salsa Twins, Jim and John Thomas, have been bringing you the finest in Latin cuisine for five decades from their world famous New Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque.  El Pinto was established in 1962 and has been featuring traditional New Mexican recipes from their grandmother Josephina Chavez-Griggs ever since. We gorged on the delicious salsa all weekend, and of course that meant we drank even more beer than usual. Jim Thomas also whipped up home-made guacamole for many of the gatherings. "This was a real special event at the Palms, and we are so honored to be the titled sponsors in Las Vegas," said Jim Thomas. "We have been friends with the Maloof family for years. We think El Pinto Salsa and the International Latina Search at the Palms Resort Casino is the perfect combination plate." 

On Friday night, we joined the contestants as they partied in the Playboy Club. Naturally we had a blast. But the Sky Villa offered up the most fun, as we enjoyed a VIP party there on Friday after spending the day shooting some of the models in the suite. Bullz-Eye photographer PMGS was in heaven, as he was able to work with some of the best locations and backdrops a photographer could hope for.

Cristy Mendivil in the Sky Villa pool

Cristy Mendivil in the Sky Villa pool

PlayerXT traveled the Latin world to find models to represent their countries for the finals in Las Vegas. In association with Fiesta Casinos and Piel Dorada, PlayerXT traveled to Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Los Angeles and Palm Springs to select these beautiful models.  The Los Angeles finals were held at SIR Studios, and the USA Finals were held at Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella, California. We were blown away by the number of beautiful Latina models assembled for the event.

The finals were held Saturday night at the famous ghOstbar located at the top of the original Palms tower on the 55th floor. Everyone enjoyed the amazing views of Las Vegas from the huge deck overlooking the city, and we were lucky to enjoy perfect weather. The event was hosted by Featured Model Myste Nicole, the star of "Myste Buzzed on Paradise," along with actor Jeff Bazan. The models first came out in their sexy swimsuits, and then followed up with their evening gowns. I had the honor of being one of the judges, and the decision wasn't easy.

Costa Rican model Kimberly Chaves was crowned the winner out of the 26 models representing 18 Latin countries worldwide, including Spain and the Dominican Republic. Cristy Mendivil from Tijuana Mexico was the second-place winner. Third place went to Carolina Yepes of Colombia, and Mitze Michel and Denisse Gonzales rounded out the winners. We were able to get incredible photos of each of the winners. We have great photos of Kimberly and Cristy in the Sky Villa pool overlooking the city, and we got great shots of Carolina at the Palms pool.

We'd like to thank PlayerXT for arranging yet another amazing event, and we'd like to extend our gratitude to everyone at the Palms for their incredible hospitality over the entire weekend. We've been going to Las Vegas for 25 years, and the Palms will always be one of our favorite spots.

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