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Interview with Myles Heskett of Wolfmother

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Yippie! My first interview! Fisher-Price will never create a “My First Interview” toy. They tend to frown on children asking their musical peers about how roadies get paid in “road meat.” By the way, how lucky am I? You’d think I’d have to interview a crappy band for my first interview. Nope. Top of the world, ma!

Anyway, I had the privilege of throwing some questions (via email) to Myles Heskett of Wolfmother. See? What did I say? I told you when I first reviewed their EP that they were going to be huge. Not huge as in fat. They are basically living on a tour bus now and playing Letterman and stuff. It’s hard to get fat on the road. Especially after playing long sets in hot clubs. Not to mention the “post-set” activities. Here’s what Stockdale had to say about Ninjas and chocolate milkshakes…

Bullz-Eye: So of all the bands you’ve toured with recently, who’s been your favorite?

Myles Heskett : The Presets are my favorite. We toured with them in the U.K. They are our label mates from Sydney and a great band.

BE: It was mentioned in your bio that you write as a group. Do you ever approach writing songs individually?

MH: Yes. I have an entire country/western/raga/metal album worth of material ready to record, I am just looking for the right producer. I'm shopping it around a few major labels at the moment. The other guys write jingles for ads.

BE: As a bald man, I have great admiration for the collective hair in your band. Who of the three do you think will go bald first?

MH: I am almost bald, I have a massive curly comb-over and I use spray-on hair from a can as well.

BE: If you weren’t rock stars, what the hell would you be doing? (I certainly don’t mean any offense. You know, like, I’m sure you’re all very capable young men. Ah, fuck it. I’m just digging myself in deeper…)

MH: Ninja, Lego Designer and Blacksmith. I'm not sure who would be what. I would be the Lego Designer.

BE: What are the last five CDs you’ve purchased?

MH: Beck: Guerolito; AFX (formerly known as Aphex Twin); Chosen Lords; Sleep: Volume One; Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones; Erik Norlander: Seas of Orion.
(Note: Because I’d never heard of Erik Norlander. I checked out some music online after this interview. EN is biting on some off-the-wall Yanni-type metal shit. Look him up and check it out.)

BE: What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve seen and/or done on the road thus far?

MH: I turned a chocolate milkshake upside down. The suction held it in the container for almost half a second. It had quite a thick consistency. It was wild.

BE: Who is your favorite visual artist, and why?

MH: I like Miro, he had the best studio in Spain and I love his primitive style. I would like to have a big studio like that when I'm older, and just zone out painting.

BE: Is there anything in your rider that you’re embarrassed to talk about…and what is it?

MH: Nunchuckas made out of pepperoni.

BE: What made you guys decide to record in L.A.?

MH: Lindsay Lohan. We wanted to be in the “Herbie” film, but it didn't happen, so we thought we may as well record an album while we were in town.

BE: What’s been your favorite tour stop, and why?

MH: Toronto in Canadia. (Yes, he wrote Canadia.) I like it when they say “out” and “about”. Also New York and Chicago and Austin and Glasgow and Manila.

BE: Were any members of the band in bands prior to the formation of Wolfmother?

MH: Yeah, I was in a death metal band called Dysentery. Chris was in Savage Gordon, a Savage Garden tribute band. Andrew was a minstrel at Medieval World, he played the lute.

BE: Who would you consider the funniest member of the band, and could you cite an example?

MH: Hazey is the funniest guy around, we don't know what he does in the band. He just walks in sometimes and says catch phrases like "Heyyyyy!" and "Dynomite!" He is into extreme sports. Everyone else in the band looks up to him.

BE: Your website encourages people to experience Wolfmother. What constitutes a Wolfmother experience?

MH: Clam chowder poured all over your head, and then you wipe it off on our jackets and we can't get it dry-cleaned off properly.

BE: If you were sitting in my seat, what one question would you ask? And what would the answer be?

MH: Q: If you could take a photo of your aura, what color would your aura be in the photo of it? A: Beige.

BE: Is there anything else you’d like to plug or talk about on Bullz-Eye?

MH: I hate plugs. Bath plugs, ear plugs, Batman plugs, doormat plugs, face plugs. I am anti-plug.

(Note: What the fuck is a Batman plug?)