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Man, this batch of Lolla acts is decidedly younger than last year's group. One wonders if the Beastie Boys' decision to bow out last year, after receiving the news that Adam "MCA" Yauch had cancer, pressured the Lolla brass to skew decidedly younger this year, or if it was a simple matter of which bands had released new albums in the last 18 months. Either way, this year's group of headliners and buzz bands, with the exception of Soundgarden and Green Day, were probably in training pants when the first Lolla went on tour...with a mere 12 bands.

Two things about that last paragraph make our heads spin: that there were only 12 bands on the first Lolla (there are 51 bands playing on Friday alone this year), and the fact that Green Day is old enough to remember the first Lolla. They still seem so young, those power pop punks. Speaking of which, we're frankly embarrassed that we're not seeing one of the biggest and best bands of the last 16 years for the first time until now (though our editor will be quick to clarify that editorial 'we' by proclaiming that he saw them back in the day), but if there is a tour of theirs to see, this is it. To hear songs from both American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown? This more than makes up for the fact that we have to miss Cut Copy and Phoenix in order to see them, so long as we don't lose another Chicago icon in the process. We're still stinging over the news of John Hughes' death last year. Should John Cusack die in the next 72 hours, we will officially convert to atheism.

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