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The lineup was epic, and the weather was biblical. The only thing we were missing was a plague of frogs. And if we had a beer for every Zooey Deschanel wannabe we saw in Grant Park, we’d be dead. This year’s Lollapalooza will go down as one of the more memorable festivals in the show’s history – its lineup was easily the most diverse – even if we had to battle malaria one day and heat stroke the next.

Naturally, it’s impossible to see everyone that you want to see, considering that there are up to six artists playing at the same time over the show’s eight stages, so we recruited some help by asking our new friend Leyla of Sunday Morning Soliloquy to pitch in on a few of the bands that we missed. Not only was she willing to play ball but she did the unthinkable by checking out two artists playing at the same time on complete opposite ends of Grant Park. Even better, she scored a ticket to the hottest show in town late Sunday night. Could it be that a certain fighter of Foo was getting behind the drum kit somewhere near Wrigley Field…?

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