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Let’s face it. Our readership is made up mostly of single guys, or guys looking for new ways to seduce their girlfriends or wives. So if you are one of those guys, it will help to have the ultimate mix disc to put your woman in the mood. Of course, cooking her dinner and a neck rub wouldn’t hurt your chances to score, but hopefully this mix will kick-start your night of passion.

“Have a Little Faith in Me,” John Hiatt (Bring the Family)
John Hiatt has been making music longer than most of you have been alive. But he’s always had this romantic quality about his music, the kind that could bring romance to your bedroom.

“Let’s Stay Together,” Al Green (Let’s Stay Together)
This is one of those entries that need absolutely no explanation. Got that, Skippy?

“I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby,” Barry White (I’ve Got So Much To Give)
The late, great Barry White was like the Ron Jeremy of the pop charts. Hopefully spinning his music can get you more ass than a toilet seat, too. (Ed. Note: Ewwwwww.)

“Someone to Tell,” Ari Hest (Someone to Tell)
This isn’t one of those sexy R&B songs that prompts clothes to spill on the floor, but on this mix we have to have songs that help you to convey your romantic desires.

“Close to You,” Maxi Priest (Bonafide) 
This is the track that should come on right as you’re beginning to make your move. Did you notice she just put that cherry lip gloss on?

“No One Above,” Michael Tolcher (I Am)  
The lyrics in this one say it all: “I like the way you touch me / In places / I heat up and my heart races.” Just make sure your girl knows it’s you, and not Tolcher, that is trying to seduce her. 

“Beautiful,” G. Love & Special Sauce (with Tristan Prettyman) (Lemonade)  
For those of you who want to like hip-hop but can’t get into the hardcore stuff, this acoustic-tinged soft rap song is perfect. And it oozes sex.

“Let’s Get It On,” Marvin Gaye (Let’s Get It On) 
Did you really think I was going to leave Marvin off this list? This track belongs in the seduction hall of fame.

“Inside of Love,” Nada Surf (Let Go) 
You wanna know what it’s like on the inside of love? Maybe, but you really wanna know what’s on the inside of her sweater.

“Secret Heart,” Feist (Let It Die) 
When I interviewed Rob Thomas, he turned me on to Feist, referring to her as a “torch singer.” I still don’t know what that means exactly, but for this mix we hope it lights a torch in someone’s pants.

“Window,” Jennifer Marks (My Name’s Not Red) 
This may be one of the sexiest songs you’ve probably never heard. It’s sung from the point of view of a sexy woman who is trying to seduce a peeping tom. Any questions?

“Lay Lady Lay,” Magnet (On Your Side) 
Magnet has a smoother voice than Dylan, and his version also includes the super sexy vocals of Irish songstress Gemma Hayes.

“Set Adrift on Memory Bliss,” P.M. Dawn (Of the Heart, Of the Soul and of the Cross: The Utopian Experience) 
A smooth blend of R&B and hip-hop that masterfully uses a healthy sampling of Spandau Ballet’s “True.” It’s tailor made for your bedroom stereo system.

“Sweet Thing,” Rufus & Chaka Khan from (Rufus featuring Chaka Khan) 
This track was later covered by the likes of Mary J. Blige and sax player Boney James, but this original version is still the best.

“Is This Love,” Whitesnake (Whitesnake) 
A slow, sexy rock song that we all remember because of the way Tawny Kitaen danced for lead singer David Coverdale in the video. Now see if you can get your woman to recreate that scene.