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If you visit our website frequently, and we hope you do, you can't help but notice the beautiful girls we feature weekly or monthly. For us dudes, women are the inspiration for a lot of the things we do or say. So it should be no surprise that there are a ton of songs out there about girls – and specifically, with the word "girl" in the title. It didn't take long to find some of the better ones, and here they are: 

"Girl," Stereophonics (Language, Sex, Violence, Other?)
From one of the more unheralded rock albums of the last decade, Stereophonics is a British band that rocks with levels of testosterone that are generally difficult to attain without the help of a little blue pill.  

"A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)," Romeo Void (Instincts)
Here is what I remember about Romeo Void: The lead singer was an overweight chick who liked to sing about sex (the band's previous album spawned "Never Say Never," featuring the lyrics, "I might like you better if we slept together.") But it was this song, with some really great sax parts, that was the shit. 

"Girl Sailor," The Shins (Wincing the Night Away)
The Shins are one of those cool bands that are respected in that community of college kids, indie rock aficionados and indie record store clerks. And for good reason – they are fucking awesome.  

"Girls," Eleni Mandell (Miracle of Five)
Eleni Mandell is one of those under-the-radar singer/songwriters, and part of a new wave of them with soft, warm vocals and stories that are told with a melodic, almost old-school crooner quality. And oh yeah, this is a really pretty song. 

"Girls," Marshall Crenshaw (Marshall Crenshaw)
You can have Motley Crue, I'll take Marshall Crenshaw and this jangly song from his jangly debut. Still, I would have to bet that Tommy Lee and Vince Neal actually scored with the ladies a bit more than Mr. Crenshaw. 

"Girlshapedlovedrug," Gomez (How We Operate)
How We Operate was one of my top albums of 2006, and this song is the bouncy, melodic equivalent of a good chocolate donut – just like the delicious greasy chocolate residue sticks in your mouth, this song will stick in your head, and you will like it. 

"A Girl Like You," The Animators (The Chamber Sessions)
I'm pretty sure this band split up, and that's a shame, because they had a knack for pure pop gems, including this song that is all acoustic guitar and a bunch of really pretty harmonies. It also has the sentiment every single one of us has related to at one time or another: "How do I get a girl like you?

"Loneliest Girl in the World," Cary Brothers (Who You Are)
If you haven't heard Cary Brothers yet, get out from under that rock and go buy this album. Brothers got his career kick started with a song in the stunning "Garden State" soundtrack a few years back, but this is from his latest album, which is even more stunning. It sure is stunning how I keep saying "stunning," isn't it? 

"For the Girl," The Fratellis (Costello Music)
You won't find a more fun, rocking release than British trio the Fratellis' Costello Music. The band got a huge boost when their song, "Flathead," was used in an iPodcommercial. But really, the whole album rocks.  

"Goodbye Girl," Go West (Go West)
With its synthesizers and big, booming Phil Collins-ish drum sounds, Go West's debut album from 1985 sounds so dated now. But that doesn't mean it's not awesome. 

"Local Girls," Graham Parker (Squeezing out Sparks)
This British punk-ish singer and songwriter will remind you of fellow Brit Elvis Costello, and they both began their careers in the mid-‘70s. And Parker became known for penning quirky wiseass songs like this one.  

"Lazy Girls," Jill Cunniff (City Beach)
Former Luscious Jackson lead singer Jill Cunniff (whose hotness is probably way underestimated) recently put out her first solo album, and this breezy track is one of the best on it. 

"It's Different for Girls," Joe Jackson (I'm the Man)
Joe Jackson was the Butch Walker of his time – not that he's not still making music, but his heyday was the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Anyway, he wrote really simple but clever lyrics, including the start of this song, which is something that every guy can relate to: "What the hell is wrong with you tonight? / I can't seem to say or do the right thing." I mean, haven't we all been there? 

"Sour Girl," Stone Temple Pilots (Thank You)
A noticeable diversion from the standard grunge fare of Stone Temple Pilots, this song comes off as more of a Barenaked Ladies meets Cheap Trick pop song.  

"O Girlfriend," Weezer (The Green Album)
This was Weezer's comeback album of sorts in 2001, and though many of the songs sound the same, it doesn't matter when they are this good.