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2010 Winter Movie Preview

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You've vacuumed the last bits of tinsel from the rug, the corner store has stopped stocking eggnog, and critics' associations you've never heard of are doling out awards left and right to movies you've never seen. It's January, folks -- otherwise known as the start of the icy dumping ground for movies the studios don't trust you to watch unless there's positively nothing else at the cineplex. That's the tradition, anyway, but it's changing -- over the last few years, the winter season has been getting better, to the point where February 2010 will bring us the latest from a certain Mr. Martin Scorsese.

And that isn't the only highlight of the release schedule over the next few months: Between now and the end of April, we'll see Denzel Washington in post-apocalyptic action, the return of Mel Gibson, a whole new "Alice in Wonderland," a "Clash of the Titans" remake, and the revival of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise. And that's just the tip of the list -- we've rounded up 25 of the safest investments for your moviegoing dollar this winter. Whether it's dramas, thrillers, comedies, or romance that floats your boat, there's something for everyone (even the kids). Without further ado, we give you Bullz-Eye's 2010 Winter Movie Preview!

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