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It's been said that depression is highest after the holidays, and that's certainly the case at the box office, where the earliest months of the year traditionally serve as a dumping ground for the movies that the major studios didn't have the time or intestinal fortitude to release during the rest of the year. As if vacation ending and crappy weather weren't enough to deal with, winter has also given us such soggy fare as "One Missed Call" and "Meet the Spartans."

Slowly but surely, however, studios seem to be waking up to the reality that all it takes is one honest-to-gosh blockbuster to get people out of the winter weather and into a plushly furnished megaplex. Thanks to winter hits such as "300" and "Cloverfield," the conventional wisdom is changing. Although January is still something of a cinematic graveyard, this year's winter docket heats up earlier than most, and should give you something worth watching every week until the blockbusters return in the spring.

So here, then, are a handful (22, to be precise) of movies that we here at Bullz-Eye have deemed worthy of your increasingly fractured attention during the coming months -- and possibly even worth the cost of a ticket and concessions. Whether your tastes run to horror, action, comedy, or drama -- heck, even if you need something for the wife and/or kids -- we've got a suggestion or two for you. Let's go to the movies!

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