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Eventful and Uneventful Summer Event Movies

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That loud “kerplunk” you heard outside your window a few months ago was the collective sound of the jaws of the Bullz-Eye staff hitting the floor after we saw the first trailer for “Transformers.” Truth be told, up to that point, we didn’t know what to make of the news that Michael Bay would be directing a movie based on the wildly popular robots in disguise. Indeed, some of us (ahem, senior editor David Medsker) thought the idea of a “Transformers” movie was, well, silly.

Then he finally saw the trailer. Kerplunk.

“Transformers” is clearly this summer’s super duper mega must-see event movie, in a summer positively stuffed with event movies (three movies released in the last two months will have broken $300 million before “Transformers” opens). This got us to thinking: what are the all-time great event movies that had us marking the days off our calendar with breathless anticipation? Conversely, what are the movies that we couldn’t wait to see, only to realize that they both sucked and blew? Behold, Bullz-Eye’s lists of their 10 favorite event movies and the 10 most, um, uneventful movies.

Eventful Summer Event Movies Uneventful Summer Event Movies

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