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Once known solely for its high saturation of geeks, freaks and comic book fans all over the country, San Diego Comic-Con has fast become the pop culture event of the summer. Don’t worry, it’s still a safe haven for anyone who calls Gotham City home, but it’s also the place where movie studios and TV networks come to unleash exclusive news and footage from the year’s most-anticipated projects.

The event is as follows: Paramount and Lionsgate will present their panels on Thursday afternoon, while a special Q&A with the guys behind "Fanboys" is scheduled for that night; Friday features panels from Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and New Line Cinema, a special celebration for the 30-year anniversary of "Star Wars," and a one-hour lecture with writer/director Kevin Smith; and Saturday includes panels for Fox's new "The Simpsons Movie," Rogue/Focus, Disney, Marvel Studios and Columbia/Screen Gems. I'll also be attending a special presentation of Paramount's "Beowulf" on Wednesday night, as well as other various roundtables and panels not yet dated.

Last year, attendees were given the very first glimpse of Spider-Man’s newest villain, NBC stopped by to premiere a little show about superheroes living in the real world, and the boys of “Hot Fuzz” flew in to display how to make a great buddy cop flick. But that’s nothing compared to this year’s line-up of panels, which looks to be the best yet. While I’ll be missing out on personal favorites like “Heroes,” “Lost” and Joss Whedon, I will be attending as many as possible, and blogging about it here (via Premium Hollywood) during the course of the four-day event. Check back for daily updates on all of 2008’s biggest films, including “Iron Man, “The Incredible Hulk,” “Star Trek” and more.

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