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Deep Cleaning Face Scrub

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Has this ever happened to you? You take the morning shower, shave and then it's off to school, work or wherever it is you need to be by 9:00 am. You arrive only to look in the restroom mirror and see your face is as oily and greasy as a pepperoni pizza. This common problem that many men face can be a combination of many factors. Heredity, diet, humidity and hot weather can all be culprits. However, in many cases the bar soap in the shower is the reason you're experiencing this and a host of other complexion problems.

Most soaps contain ingredients such as ammonium laurel sulfate and sodium laurel sulfate, which are very harsh and irritating to the skin but are used in the manufacturing process because they foam up a lot and are cheap for companies to buy in bulk. The old saying, "you get what you pay for" was never truer. You're never going to get a 99 cent bar of soap to "clean and protect your face" like that of a professional skin care product.

As the founder of MaleFace Skin Care, I am asked quite often which skin care product will show results in the least amount of time. If you're suffering from oily skin, normal complexion problems or mild acne, my recommendation is the Deep Cleaning Face Scrub, our # 1 best seller.

The MaleFace face scrub has been formulated without the harsh additives found in commercial soaps and includes an abundance of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & B-5, glycerin and Chamomile. The mild polyethylene beads will help scrub away the dead skin cells, open up your pores, control oiliness and acne breakouts. Many of our customers have told us they could see a difference after only one or two applications. However this will vary with each individual person.

When the staff at Bullz-Eye asked me to write an article on skin care, I was initially hesitant that my advice would be taken as too "self-serving." However, I never met an entrepreneur worth his weight in salt who didn't believe in his products and promote them accordingly. Our customer testimonials, found at, do speak for themselves.

If you are suffering the complexion problems mentioned in this article, or you want to look your best without unknowingly applying a host of harsh, abrasive chemicals to your face, give our Deep Cleaning Face Scrub a try. We guarantee all of our products and are the only men's skin care manufacture that offers free shipping. To demonstrate that we believe in our face scrub product 100%, Bullz-Eye visitors can type in coupon code 42011 on the online order form to receive a special 20% discount. You'll never wash your face with bar soap again! 

~Ray Raglin

Ray is the founder and president of MaleFace Skin Care and has been a longtime fan of The Bullz-Eye staff is also happy to endorse Ray's products.

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