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Mike Furci's Authorized Foods and Banned Foods

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Authorized Foods:

Proteins Carbohydrates Vegetables
-Orange roughy
-Low-fat cottage cheese
-Chicken breast
-Turkey breast
-Lean ground meat
-Maverick beef
-Top round steak
-Top sirloin steak
-Eggs (Sparingly)
-Egg whites
-Egg substitutes
-Protein powders
-Meal replacement packs
-Oat bran
-Nonfat yogurt
(artificially sweetened)
-Nonfat yogurt
(fruit sugar sweetened)
-Sweet Potatoes
-Whole grain brown rice
-Whole grain bread
-Whole grain pasta
-Green beans
-Green peppers
-Bell peppers
-Collard greens
-Brussels sprouts
-Dill pickles

Banned Foods:

All refined sugar. Use artificial sweeteners, preferably Splenda (sucralose).

All refined products such as cookies, cakes, pie, etc.

Sweetened cereals. Use Cheerios, oatmeal, Fiber One.

Potatoes w/o a serving of protein. Try sweet potatoes.

White rice. Use whole grain rice.

White bread. Use whole grain w/o added sugar.

White pasta. Try whole grain pasta.

All juice or other sweetened beverages. Eat whole fruit sparingly (it takes eight apples to make an 8 oz. glass of apple juice).

Bologna, salami, bratwurst, knockwurst, hot dogs (beef or pork), pork sausage, spare ribs, chicken nuggets

Also, be aware of products like catsup, barbecue sauces and salad dressings. Use them sparingly because they are loaded with one or more types of sugar. Especially watch out for fat free salad dressings. You are much better off using regular dressings. Just make sure you don’t load it on.

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