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The Web is loaded with free sites that offer business and investment news. The Editors have tried to list those sites that offer news in the most organized and interesting fashion. In this section, we have not listed subscription sites like or the Wall Street Journal due to the quality of the free sites.

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Yahoo! Finance
If you own or track individual stocks, this site offers the easiest and most organized format to keep current on news about stock in your portfolios. Each time you call up a quote or call up a portfolio that you have created, the most recent news stories citing those stocks will appear below the quotes. Most finance sites have not yet figured out this useful feature, instead requiring another click-through in order to reach company news. The news sources include the wire services as well as news stories and commentaries from,, and The Motley Fool. If you regularly visit this site, you can be fairly certain that you will nor miss breaking news about the companies that you follow. In today's volatile markets, keeping current on information can be critical.
Excellent news site, offering coverage in numerous categories as well as excellent commentary.
Bloomberg provides a comprehensive source for business and investment news, including video and audio clips from Bloomberg news programs.

Motley Fool
The news coverage on this site may not be as comprehensive as that found on the other prominent financial sites, but this site provides excellent coverage and analysis of developments regarding individual stocks. Also, the style and writing makes this site fresh and entertaining.
CNet's offers comprehensive news relating to technology businesses. If you invest in tech stocks, using a news site that focuses entirely on tech issues makes sense.

MSN Money
Great news site with lots of finance features.

Google Finance
Simple layout as expected with a focus on news.

This blog is excellent for those who love to read good business books.

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