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You’ve seen him before. He’s one of the funniest men in Hollywood. And still you don’t know who he is. Jeremy Piven is a breath of fresh air in the comedy world, and he never really received the recognition he deserved, until now. With his supporting role as Hollywood agent Ari Gold on HBO’s hit comedy series “Entourage,” Jeremy has created one of the most memorable small screen characters of the past 20 years. Born in 1965 in New York, Jeremy was raised by entertainer parents and trained at their theater school in Evanston, IL where childhood pal John Cusack (among others) also trained. After spending some time with the Second City National Touring Company in the late 80’s, Jeremy took his first job on Carol Burnett’s variety show before leaving to write for HBO’s critically acclaimed series “The Larry Sanders Show.”

Following the show’s departure, Jeremy tried his hand at film with a scene-stealing performance in Cameron Crowe’s “Singles” and a starring role in the cult college comedy “PCU.” Though Jeremy wasn’t the most popular actor in the business, he continued to work alongside some of the biggest names, including Jackie Chan, Robert DeNiro, Bill Murray and Nicolas Cage. More recently, Jeremy has experienced a sort of comedic renaissance with his role in “Old School” and in the HBO series “Entourage,” for which he’s been nominated for. It’s obvious to anyone who has seen Jeremy’s films that he’s far more talented than half the high-paid actors in the business, but despite his comic knack, he’s short, Jewish, and well, not exactly the most marketable image. It’s a shame that Hollywood operates in this manner, and hopefully the steady decline in the box-office, as well as in quality television, will turn over a new leaf for the actors more fit to entertain.

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Jeremy On The Web

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Jeremy on the Screen

Jeremy Piven has been in some of the biggest comedy hits of the past twenty years, including "Singles," "PCU" and "Old School," and has also made appearances in films like "Rush Hour 2," "Black Hawk Down," and "Serendipity" and "Runaway Jury" with good friend John Cusack. It can be said, though, that Jeremy has received most of his good luck from television. He began his career on TV with guest spots on "Seinfeld" and "Coach," starred in the TV series "Ellen," and is now starring in the best role of his career on the HBO series "Entourage."

Jeremy Says

On his role in "Entourage":
"It might be the best role. He's this kind of angel-devil who lives in extremes and can flip it at any second. I think it's a great showcase to do my thing."

On technology:
"I have TiVo but I can't work it. I try to build a fire with it. I'm like a caveman."

On, err, women:
"I had this really sexy woman come up to me in Chicago and talk to me. And I was like, 'Oh my God!' I mean, just incredible. And as I'm looking at her I'm realizing, 'You know, wait a minute. She's as aggressive as any man would be.' And I look at her and I realize. I said, 'Did you used to be a man?' And she goes, 'Of course, baby.'"

"I think that's just a very fancy word for being lazy."

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