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Padron – 1926

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In an increasingly smoke-free world, know your options

Even North Carolina, with its heritage and economic ties to the tobacco industry, could no longer fight the prevailing political winds. In this new year of 2010, the Tar Heel State has joined many others by banning the consumption of smoke-producing tobacco products within public locales, including bars and restaurants. For us cigar smokers, it pays to know where and how you can enjoy a smoke, legally and without being ostracized for your "outrageous" behavior.

Thankfully, in the city of Charlotte and most cities, there are some exceptions to the non-smoking legislation. Charlotte allows most cigar shops to offer smoking lounges to their patrons, and also allows "private clubs" to determine their own smoking rules. These are certainly "nice-to-have" options, when you are out and about, have the time, and want to socialize a bit with fellow brothers of the leaf. However, I would encourage you to consider yet another option that others and I have created for ourselves – use a propane-fueled patio heater. It is an ideal option, obviously for the cooler (or as we recently experienced), downright cold months of the year. This latter option assumes that you don't have the option to smoke in your home, or simply don't want to smoke there even if you do have the luxury of doing so.

To save you some time, trouble and expense, I recommend getting a freestanding 40,000 BTU (or more) heater that is at least 7 feet tall. I would be hesitant to do anything less, unless you live in some of the warmest climate regions during the winter months. I can tell you by experience, the typical tabletop propane or infrared heaters just won't get it done on the colder nights, especially in the northern locales. I shopped around and found my best deal at e-bay, though my nearest wholesale club had a competitive product. For those looking to really do it cheaply, and are willing to consider a used unit, shop And then let's get smoking!

Cigar Review:

Padron – 1926

Padron 1926Wrapper: Nicaragua  
Binder: Nicaragua 
Filler: Nicaragua 
Size: 5.5 inches x 52 Ring Gauge
Price: $19  

The Padron 1926 Maduro is made with all Nicaragua-grown tobacco, a true puro. It was originally formulated and named for the birth year of Jose O. Padron, the founder of Padron Cigars. 


I have stated many times that the Padron standard line of cigars is one of the best value plays on the market. Pick up a $4 to $5 Padron 2000 or 3000 and find out for yourself. However, the Padron family does have some super premium lines, too. If they can make a damn good $4 cigar, imagine what a cigar from them would be like in the $16 to $20 range. The 1926 and 1964 lines are the ones to consider. The 1964 tends to the mild-to-medium-bodied side, while the 1926 will tend to be more full-bodied.

Look and feel

While the standard Padron line often comes across as a more rustic cigar, that's not the case in the 1926 line. It is hand crafted to perfection, and the dark maduro wrapper leaf looks rich and oily, as a fine cigar should. It is very nicely capped, and was consistently firm to the touch with no soft spots.

Aroma and Taste

The pre-lit aroma was that of very earthy tobacco at the foot, and a cedar hint along its length. Upon lighting you are greeted with rich aroma and flavor. Cutting to the chase – if you want a classic example of a complex cigar, one that will take you on a flavorful journey, this is it. You will taste some spiciness, especially in the early going. A dark roasted coffee bean flavor resonated throughout the smoke. It was not always the dominant flavor, but it was always in the mix. The cocoa flavor comes and goes, and wood notes are evident throughout.

RATING: 9.6 (on a scale of 1 to 10) – This is truly a gem in the cigar world. It is one of, if not the best, cigar on the market. They can be hard to get, even though they are not cheap. This is a classic celebratory cigar to be smoked on special occasions, or to gift it to a seasoned cigar smoker that you want to impress.  

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