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Perdomo -- ESV '91

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In Like Flynn -- Smoke a Fine Cigar

As this recent economic downturn continues to prove to be one of the worst in my lifetime, I was reminded of one of the “policies” that storied actor Errol Flynn shared in his autobiography titled, “My Wicked, Wicked Ways.” The following excerpt refers to his approach to living during times of financial hardship. He wrote:

. . . when broke, put on your best clothes, if you have any – and if you haven’t, borrow them, make the tie neater, and go around hoping you never looked more prosperous.
. . . when you are down, go to the best spots . . . When flat, put on the old front.

Though I have so far weathered the economic storm fairly well (as of this writing I am still making my mortgage payment and have the same job and salary that I did before the fall), I decided to honor Errol’s philosophy at least as far as cigars go. I have decided to smoke a few of the more expensive super-premium cigars out there on the market, and share a review or two for those of you who may want to either try Errol’s policy or smoke a super-premium when the economy decides to start growing at a healthy and sustained pace again. The decision is a bit ironic, given an entry that I wrote months back about the best “value” cigars on the market for those suffering budget crunches due to gasoline prices nearing record highs. However, that was before the home foreclosure rate accelerated, banks became insolvent, and industry bailout was an inconceivable concept to the American public (let alone multiple industry bailouts). I cannot afford Errol’s policy for long, but I must confess it does seem to work to some degree.

So, whatever “policy” you adopt in these trying times -- the “value” approach or the Errol Flynn way -- a good cigar is not a bad way to beat the current economic blues. Let’s get smokin’!

Cigar Review:

Perdomo -- ESV '91

Size: 4.5 inches long, 52 Ring Gauge
Price: $8 to $9

Perdomo’s ESV ’91 stands for the Estate Seleccion Vintage 1991, in honor of a rare blend of triple-fermented Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Esteli, Nicaragua, in 1991 that is used in the cigar. Perdomo makes a variety of cigars at various price points, flavor and strength.

Tobacco blend:

  • Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua


I smoked this on an unseasonably warm day on my back deck, with the warm sun in a Carolina blue sky. I had recently purchased a variety five-pack of Perdomo premium cigars and chose the ESV ’91 to be the first one of the bunch to smoke. I had heard good things for a long time, but only now had the opportunity to smoke one. Since it was a maiden voyage, I made sure I was sipping only water to keep the palate clean.

Look and feel

The cigar was highlighted by its flawless, light gold Connecticut shade wrapper. The veining in the wrapper was delicate, as it should be in a fine Connecticut shade leaf. The band had a sunburst design, which seems to be the primary logo art for the Perdomo brand. As I was admiring the construction and look of the cigar, I began to think the shorter version that I purchased would be so much nicer if it had more length. I began to regret that I didn’t spring the extra bucks for the larger version of the cigar. The stick was firm to the touch and had the weight of a nicely stuffed cigar.

Aroma and Taste
The pre-lit smell of the cigar was pleasing. Upon firing it up, I got a plentiful draw of smooth and creamy smoke. The taste of cream was dominant early in the cigar. After a few minutes the taste of cream was joined with some very slight spice, but plenty of rich wood and toasty flavors. The creamy taste lingered primarily in the finish, but it never completely disappeared, which is rare and appreciated when it happens. The combination of flavors varied somewhat through the smoke, but I cannot help but marvel at the way the combination of flavors complimented one another. The burn was even and I never had to re-light or fix the burn. The cigar proved to be a flawless smoke – driving some bonus points in the overall scoring. I smoked it down to my fingers.

RATING: 9.4 (on a scale of 1 to 10) – The cigar has some complexity, but is smooth throughout. It has layers of flavor that keep you focused on making the smoke last. This is a cigar that a rookie smoker or the experienced enthusiast should find appealing. I will smoke this cigar again, hopefully sooner than later. I plan to pick the larger size next time.

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Cigar Quote

"The cigar must match the shape of the smoker. Round-faced people should avoid long, thin cigars and vice-versa." - Kees Van Dongen