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Macanudo Robust

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Air Jordan's Cigar Plight – Help us fight back, MJ!

Okay, we have now hit a new low in the war with the pleasure police. These are the controlling forces who attempt to impose their will, in what is supposed to be the land of the free, and are trying to outlaw cigar smoking just about everywhere. In this case, I think they may have actually shot themselves in the foot, exposing just how overzealous they have become.

If you haven't heard, San Francisco's General Manager of Parks and Recreation has asked PGA Tour officials to remind Michael Jordan of the no-smoking rule at the public golf course where he is scheduled to be an honorary assistant captain for the U.S. team at the President's Cup event. Apparently, the City by the Bay has made it illegal to smoke at any public course within the city, and will levy a $100 fine on anyone who breaks this law. Outside of being one of the greatest basketball players and sportsman of our time, and being a pitchman for Nike and Hanes products, he is also known for his passion for both golf and cigars. At a minimum, this warning to Michael will shed light on just how ludicrous certain laws around smoking have gotten. At a maximum, it may motivate a man of Jordan's stature to take a stand to fight back for those of us under the rule of the Nazi-like tactics of certain legislative bodies. Who better to "blaze" the trail than MJ? In fact, I would love to see him smoke a couple of cigars through each round of the tournament and smile as he pays a few hundred bucks in fines. Better yet, contest the law in court -- he's got the bucks to do both.

I've said it before, I quietly support certain reasonable limitations on smoking to protect children, the elderly, etc., from being exposed to a high level of smoke-filled air against their wishes, as long as it does not appreciably impact the freedoms our system of government intended to promote for all citizens. However -- a golf course!? Public or not, it is a wide-open space! If you are a golfer, or a fan of golf who is watching the tournament, you can pretty easily avoid breathing secondhand cigar smoke. If, by chance, you do catch the wonderful aroma of a good cigar (I expect MJ smokes very good ones) -- relax, you may even enjoy it. Granted, I'm no doctor, but I know enough to proclaim confidently that the cigar aromas that you may inhale from secondhand smoke on the course of a golf tournament will have negligible effects on your health.

Golf and cigars have a long-standing marriage going back to before any of us, including the current law makers, were even on this earth! Golf paired with a cigar is one of the great pleasures a man (or woman) can experience. Let it be!

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Let's join MJ and get smoking -- at the President's Cup Tournament. Go U.S.A.!

Cigar Review:

Macanudo Robust

Macanudo RobustThis is one of the cigars you will get in the pack of four Macanudo cigars for the price of three that is being promoted for a limited time via the Macanudo Millionaire contest. This is a good opportunity to try a few cigars from one of the more popular brands. Macanudo made its reputation in the mild cigar sector of the market. However, the Robust is a line of fuller-flavored and stronger cigars from Macanudo.

Size: 5.5 inches long, 42 Ring Gauge
Price: $6 to $7

Tobacco blend

  • Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
  • Binder: Connecticut
  • Filler: Dominican, Honduras, Nicaragua


Yes, I got the 4-for-3 Macanudo pack and chose the Robust, as I was in the mood for something more full-bodied on a Fall Friday night. A simple glass of ice water was my chosen libation.

Look and feel

The cigar is darker and rustic. I noticed the cap looked a little sloppy in its application. The cigars that come in the 4-pack are thinner than I prefer, but variety is the spice of life, right? In all honesty, the look of this cigar raised some concern about its overall construction and quality, but, in fact, I think the "tougher" look was possibly intended to let you know that you were not smoking the typically mild Macanudo.

Aroma and Taste

I lit the cigar in a very traditional way, utilizing the thin cedar lining of the tube for providing a hearty and clean flame, as all I had at the time were some sulfur-laden matches. It was a nice touch. I have to say that the flavors were a welcome medium to full body, and well blended to bring forth a lot of flavor from such a modest-sized cigar. More importantly, I was slightly surprised that the quality of the blend was as good as it was, but then again I would not expect Macanudo to introduce their first fuller flavored stick and it be a real dog. The flavors -- likely amped up by the Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos -- ranged from earthy, wood aromas at the beginning to touches of spice along the way. The cedar was fairly evident through the first half of the cigar, and lingered through the whole smoke.

Any concern I initially had regarding the construction created by the pre-lit look and feel were quickly erased. The cigar never went out and had a consistent easy draw and burn. I was glad that the cigar lasted a surprisingly long time.

RATING: 8.9 (on a scale of 1 to 10) – I will definitely try my next Mac Robust in a larger ring gauge.

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Cigar Quote

"Why pay $100 on a therapy session when you can spend $25 on a cigar? Whatever it is will come back; so what, smoke another one." - Raul Julia, Actor