Cigar review of Padron – 1964 Anniversary

Padron – 1964 Anniversary

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Fellow cigar smokers: Beware the pleasure police

As you and I have noticed, a faction of the public has taken its good intentions to an extreme with respect to banning smoking virtually everywhere. Cigar Dave, the national radio personality who hosts a “good life for men”-themed radio show, refers to these fanatics as the “pleasure police.” Going forward, I’ll refer to them as the PPs. The PPs have had considerable success in banning public smoking. However, every now and then, they go too far and get under the skin of a cigar smoking man who is willing to stand up for his own rights and fight fire with fire.

Generally, we cigar smokers are pretty mild-mannered, and respectful of others who are non-smokers. We would not subject anyone to our cigar smoke, especially if they were in a position to be directly exposed to it. However, there are some exceptions that must apply, to ensure our rights are respected too.

I provide the following real-life examples that I have seen first hand:

  • In Austin, Texas, San Francisco (and I am sure other cities), you are not allowed to smoke under the roof of a cigar bar. You are welcome to smoke outside in the courtyard (if one exists). Now, why would anyone who is anti-smoking care if someone smokes in a cigar bar! Why would someone who leans toward the ideals of the PP even go to one, if they hate smoke? This type of over-the-top legislation economically strains legitimate business people who have invested in these establishments. I cannot figure this one out. In fairness, many cities have created exceptions for establishments that receive a fair amount of revenue from tobacco sales, like cigar bars.
  • At a Miami Beach hotel, with an outside open-air bar that is cigar friendly (and even sells cigars behind the bar), an old woman walked into the bar. With plenty of open seats 60 feet or more away, she sat directly next to a man smoking a cigar. Within two minutes she asked him to “please put that disgusting thing out.” This was mid-afternoon and the fairly large place had plenty of seats far from the smoke. I can only assume dementia had begun to set in. The cigar smoker checked with the bartender, then made his case to the woman, offering to walk her to another seat, because he will not -- and is not required to -- extinguish his cigar.
  • In a subdivision that has its own common areas (private property) where the dues-paying homeowner can share amenities like an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, etc. with fellow dwellers within the subdivision, a gentleman demands the young lifeguard notify another gentleman to extinguish his cigar. The city in which the subdivision exists has not yet enacted any smoking legislation; the homeowners’ association has no restrictions against smoking at the pool; and for the last seven or eight years of its existence, a number of guys would occasionally light up while lounging by the pool, almost always doing so in a far corner of the outdoor space dedicated to the pool area. The cigar smoking gentleman at the pool rallied the troops to attend the next association meeting to ensure smoking rights are NOT removed through some unfair regulations.

The “pleasure police” behind these examples need to be called out! They have gotten too ridiculous. I especially dislike the audacity of an individual who has a pack of cigarettes in his pocket and proceeds to complain about cigar smoke.

So, in the proverbial face of all the PPs out there -- let’s get smokin’! While we still have a couple of places to do so.

Cigar Review

Padron – 1964 Anniversary

Size: “E” (epicure) – 6 inches long; 54 Ring Gauge
Price: $15

Padron, based in Miami, produces some of the best cigars for the money in the cigar world. (See my previous entry regarding value smokes in these economic times.) They also create a couple of super-premiums, namely the commemorative 1964 and 1926 Anniversary blends.

Tobacco blend:

  • Wrapper: Mexico
  • Binder: Honduras
  • Filler: Nicaragua


This was the first Padron 1964 Anniversary that I have either purchased or smoked. This well-known, highly rated premium smoke is pretty expensive and can be hard to find at times. The time between the actual purchase and smoke was almost a year. It was originally purchased as a celebration cigar way in advance, and intended for the NCAA BCS 2008 National Championship Football Game. However, my team fell short (for the second year in a row) and you guessed it, “close, but no cigar.” After admiring this prized possession for so long, I finally came to the conclusion one beautiful evening, that I had all to myself, that the time had come. I owed it the Bullz-Eye readers.

Look and feel

The cigar construction appeared flawless, with a nice dark, oily wrapper. The cigar was extremely balanced and seemed to be well packed and firm. The brown and gold band was smartly done, with a serialized hidden band underneath it, letting you know this was not your run-of-the-mill cheap yard ‘gar. It was also box pressed in the Cuban style, giving it a “squared” look.

Aroma and Taste

I was careful lighting up, and planned to savor every puff of this one. It fired up nicely and within the first few puffs exhibited a milder than expected, yet wonderful creamy cocoa flavor. I suspect that the time in my humidor mellowed the tobacco blend a bit. As I smoked through the first inch of the cigar, the heavy cream flavor gave some ground to nut flavors. However, at the halfway point, the cigar took a turn toward some stronger toasty flavor with just a touch of peppery spice, while retaining some of the creamy cocoa in the background. The flavor had notably evolved from its lighter beginning into an intriguing, flavorful smoke near its end, though I would never classify the cigar as being a full bodied smoke.

Other characteristics worth noting include the copious amount of smoke that the cigar produced throughout each and every puff, which was especially impressive given the almost effortless draw required. Finally, the aroma was as impressive as any cigar I have ever smoked. I absolutely loved it.

RATING: 9.3 (on a scale of 1 to 10) – This one should be added to the list of cigars for those of you who, on occasion, want to impress friends or clients with a truly premium-priced medium-bodied cigar. The Padron 1964 Anniversary is one cigar that I would not mind buying again for the right occasion, even at its fairly steep price.

I am now intrigued to set my sights on the Padron 1926 Anniversary, another supposed gem, but fuller bodied.

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Cigar Quote

“There is more to smoking a cigar than anyone who has never smoked one could ever appreciate.” - H. Paul Jeffers / Kevin Gordon, cigar book co-authors

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