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Cigar reviews by Nilo: This is one cigar you cannot refuse
by: Nilo Zanadel (e-mail
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As I walked into the humidor of my local cigar shop, an ominous feeling overcame me. I felt like I was in imminent danger. Then I turned around and saw Big Pussy from "The Sopranos" looking at me from the corner of the humidor. He wasn't actually standing in the corner of the humidor; his face is on the box of the Don Diego Players Club cigars. His stare looks like he means business. I thought to myself, "Maybe he'll find me and kill me if I don't try this cigar." Usually, I hate marketing gimmicks, but I could not refuse Big Pussy.

The Don Diego Players Club Churchill, which I bought for $5.75, is a natural wrapper, but it is darker than most natural wrappers you'll see. Everything was nice about this cigar: even burn, nice ash, good taste. I almost felt like a bad-ass when I smoked it. At least I can pretend…. 

These cigars swim with the fishes

Cuban Parejo Galaxia: You can't miss this cigar because its ring gauge is huge. The Maduro version looks very attractive, and $6.00 for all that tobacco seems like a bargain. But that's where the fun ends. This cigar burns horribly (strike one), the ash flakes off lengthwise (strike two), and it tastes terrible (strike three). Even though I bought several of these Cuban Parejo Galaxias, I gave some away because I just couldn't go through the torment of keeping this crappy-tasting cigar lit.

Ashton VSG Sorcerer: When I walked into my local smoke shop the other day, I thought the owner was going to have an orgasm. This alarmed me because I'm straight. So I asked him what he was so excited about and he said that he just received a shipment of several boxes of the Ashton VSG's in various shapes and sizes. He told me I had to try one and he handed me one to smoke immediately. Before I left the shop, I paid $11 for what turned out to be "The Sorcerer." What a name for a cigar! I wish I could say that my old "conquests" refer to me as The Sorcerer, but I think most of them consider me just plain lucky. But I digress. Most of the guys in the cigar shop were goo-goo over this cigar, but I won't buy another one. Notwithstanding its terrific burn and great ash, this mild cigar is overpriced at anywhere near $10. Plus it's box cut, which I dislike. Folks, there are better cigars out there for less money. It's our job to keep looking for them. 

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