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Cigar reviews by Nilo: And they're off!
by: Nilo Zanadel (e-mail
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I went to the local cigar store a couple weeks ago and purchased a lot of cigars. Recently, I have been working very late nights, which has given me a chance to sample all of them in the uninterrupted solitude of my office, which mysteriously is starting to smell like my local cigar shop. Do you think this means I have a problem? 

I'm going to review the Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend, the Hoya Reina Maduro, the Montecino Belicoso Magnum and the Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild. They're all thoroughbreds, but only one is a winner. 

The Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend is $6.40 at the local cigar shop. It's a little bigger than a robusto, the wrapper is a rich dark brown and it's wrapped to a point on both ends, which is cool if you like using your cigar cutter twice on one cigar. But since I just bite the ends off, this wrapper is a pain in my ass. This cigar didn't burn evenly -- I had to keep lighting it. The flavor was decent, but odds are against you liking this selection because it's too expensive to be so poorly put-together.

The Montesino Belicoso Magnum sells for $5.50. It has an attractive light brown wrapper, it's well constructed, has a nice draw and burns evenly. The ash was lousy, though -- there were ashes all over my shirt and all over the floor. It has a peppery taste that was nothing special, but you at least have to give the Fuente cigar company props for having a cool Web site. It's a shame, however, that the cigar is not as special as the site.

The Hoya Reina Maduro is $5.75 at my local shop. This cigar is something relatively new from Hoya. In my opinion, it was produced as a gimmick to capture more market share. This cigar is…how you say…"box cut." In other words, it's square. I hate handling a box cut cigar. I always wonder whether I'm holding it right and worry that I'm going to drop the lit cigar into my lap and burn my pants or worse. The Reina has a fancy label and a decent flavor, but don't buy this cigar! It's a one-trick pony. If you are going to purchase a Hoya, then go for the Excalibur every time. 

The Punch Rare Corojo is $3.25 per stick. Like I mentioned in earlier articles, I am a Punch Double Maduro Robusto fanatic. I tried the Rare Corojo because my local shop was out of the Double M's and I needed lots of smokes for my Kentucky Derby party. I smoked six of these cigars on the first Saturday of May. The Rare Corojo is pretty tasty and burns evenly. It's a smoother smoke than the Double M. It is also box cut. Notwithstanding its shape, the Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild wins this contest running away. And it's well accompanied by a Mint Julep.

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