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Drea de Matteo is a rock n' roll Italian princess that has managed to take one role and turn it into a rolling boulder of success. Ever since her first appearance on the hit TV show "The Sopranos," Drea stepped on to the red carpet and refuses to get off, though she has confessed she doesn't fare well with the Hollywood splendor, and instead parties like the average male with beer, chips and rock music. Raised by her Nicaraguan nanny, who she now takes care of, Drea grew up in the New York Catholic school system where she spent her free time driving around in stolen cars.

Drea is the real deal when it comes to New York bad girls, donning a gallery of tattoos on her body, including her parents' names on each arm, and swearing up a storm every chance she gets. After scoring only an 800 on the SAT test she took drunk, Drea was still accepted into NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where she had aspirations of becoming a film director. When her instructors realized her incredible acting potential, Drea changed gears and began the long, hard road to Hollywood, though her first big job came quicker than she thought, thrust into fame as Adriana La Cerva on HBO's "The Sopranos.". 

Drea followed that up with a recurring roles on "Joey" and then the monster hit "Sons of Anarchy."

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Drea Says

On being a sex symbol:
"I really don't think I'm sexy. All of that is so bizarre to me."

On her dating life:
"I love men, and they're who I go out with, but every now and then... well, I can't say I've never been with a woman."