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CD Reviews:  HotSocky: HotSocky


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Appropriately named in a roundabout way after the Japanese rice wine, this four-piece band from New York City sets out to heighten the awareness of anyone who cares to listen. And you can't help but listen over and over to this addictive blend of melody and lyrics once you pop it in your CD player. There is a retro feel to HotSocky, but this high-energy band seems to be all about fun and good songs. 

"Lovesick" is so catchy you might just find yourself daydreaming about dancing on the roof of your car during a block party in a music video. What? Oh yeah. "Hang On" has a Plimsouls feel to it and "Meltdown," "Put Me Down" and "Power Down" are very Elvis Costello-ish, with crunching staccato guitars in the verses giving way to big, hooky choruses. In fact, every song has fat-sounding, raw guitars along with lead singer Lattimer's powerful vocals and some pretty Beatle-esque harmonies. This is not more evident than in "Cali Easy Living." "Believe" is another strong track, showing that HotSocky has more singles up their collective sleeve than a rich bachelor in a strip club. "Full of Love" is a more melancholy piece, with some haunting B3 organ in the verses and another chorus the size of Japan.

HotSocky's sound is like nothing on radio today, yet their raw garage music is consistent with a lot of the hot bands coming out of the New York City scene right now. The difference is the potential for mass appeal that is quite evident here, because I'm convinced that HotSocky can write this ear candy in their sleep. Somebody hand me some pliers -- I can't get this thing out of my CD player! 

~Mike Farley 

Be sure to check out Mike's interview with HotSocky lead singer Lattimer. : Feedback - Link to Us  - About B-E - FAQ - Advertise with Us

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