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2011 Ford Taurus review

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Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally resurrected the Ford Taurus after a brief hiatus. We recently had the chance to test one out. This Taurus is completely different from the ones the world has been driving for the past 25 years and, before we get into the review, we can confidently say that Mr. Mulally made the right call in bringing the Taurus back.


When I first took a look at the Ford Taurus Limited, the Konna blue metallic paint job stood out and looked great. First impressions are important and the newer Taurus design, beautiful color, and 19” chrome clad wheels made me want to get inside to check out the interior. This is a big deal for Ford. For years the company did a great job improving the interior but left the exterior bland and boring on too many cars. Not anymore! The Taurus is also surprisingly big, which has its pros and cons. The customer gets a lot of car for their buck but I would still like to see the overall size of the next generation Taurus shrink some and develop a sleeker and lighter design.


The interior of the 2011 Taurus Limited has a cockpit style dashboard, making it hard to believe it's a Taurus at times! Our Taurus had many fitting features, including 10-way power driver and passenger seats with lumbar and driver memory, a leather wrapped steering wheel with wood accents, a tremendous sound system, voice activated SYNC and very classy wood grain throughout. We were also getting spoiled with the heated and cooled leather seats in the front and heated leather seating in the rear, rear window power shade (very cool), and blind spot monitoring system that works like a charm. I have to add again that the 12-speaker Sony sound system totally rocked!

All of these features, along with the extra large cabin space and design, put the Taurus interior right at the top of the class. You will be asking yourself at times, is this is really a Ford Taurus?


The old Taurus base engine had much to be desired so I figured it could only get better. I wasn't let down when it came to the power and smoothness of the 3.5-liter Duratec engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. This engine has its work cut out for itself. The 2011 Ford Taurus is really a full size sedan that measures almost 203 inches long and weighs in at approximately 4300 lbs. The 263 horses were surefire when needed and the 6 speed auto transmission was as smooth as some very expensive sedans I have driven. The 4-wheel disc brakes were strong and secure and even though the Taurus had select shift paddle shifters, I didn't see much use as the engine was responsive, both in the city and on the highway. Fuel efficiency is what you would expect for a sedan this size at 18mpg city and 27mpg on the highway.


Just a few years back it looked like the end of the line for the Taurus, as it made way for the stodgy and meaningless Ford Five Hundred from the Pre-Mulally era. When Mulally ordered new life for the Taurus, we were given a legitimate player in the full-size car segment. The platform is not new and yet, you get the feeling that Ford has much more up its sleeve for the next generation Taurus. For the time being the 2011 Ford Taurus Limited is a real challenge to pricier brands because Ford is offering the options that could only be found in luxury vehicles just a few short years back. The cabin of the Taurus is one the best in the large car segment but the price is less than others with the same credentials. All of those features come at a price. The 2011 Taurus Limited tested came in at $38,735. Sometimes pricier options are worth it, though, like when unwittingly get a bit too close to the vehicle in front of you and the collision warning system alerts you to hit the brakes. For those who want the room and comfort of a full-size sedan, the Ford Taurus Limited is a worthy choice!

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